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Volume I


Organization, edition, translations: Wolfgang Pannek
Editorial production: Mônica Cristina Bernardes
Graphic design: Hiro Okita
São Paulo: Transcultura, 2022.

ISBN 978-65-993670-2-1

128 pages.

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Editorial Note
Welcome Words by Maura Baiocchi
1st International Ecoperformance Festival – The Program
Ecoperformance Wolfgang Pannek


Daily Life on this Planet Hilary Wear
Where do we live? Lara Dau Vieira, Ricardo Fornara
Interconnectivity through Performance and the Importance of Listening Monika Tobel
Mutual Exchange between all Living Beings Lisa Giebel
Ecoperformance and EcoPanFormance Alexandre Nunes
Geopoiesis Fred Nascimento
How to Cross Walls Marcela Cavallini Et al.
A Quest for Balance in While we Wait Kristina Watt
Sand and Stones Renée Koldewijn, Bushra Arbawi
The Beetle Woman Clarice Gon Çalves
Fire in Falda del Carmen Candelaria Silvestro
Enclosure of Land and Soul Elisabeth Einsiedler
More Integrated Lives Coletivo MÓ
pE.HSen Julianne Kasabalis, Romain Toupin
Działoszyce: Song, Border, Body N Eda Erçin
Sector – Ecoperformance Recording in Immersive Video Format Wojciech Olchowski
Throat. Between Ecosophy and Ecoperformance Rodrigo Reis Rodrigues, Mathias Reis
Cenotaph For Weird’s Well And T[h]ree Missing Bodies Rolf Gerstlauer, Julie Dind
Dancing the Image: Or how to achieve a Butoh-Image Sebastian Wiedemann


Towards a Symbio-Scene Wolfgang Pannek, Maura Baiocchi

ebook Taanteatro Forces and forms
ebook Ecoperformance

Choreographic Theater of Tensions

Forces & Forms

Maura Baiocchi, Wolfgang Pannek (2020), São Paulo: Transcultura.
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Foreword by Hans-Thies Lehmann
Introductional note: Shane Pike
ISBN 978-85-64246-05-8
232 pages. 90 black & white photos. 50 coloured photos

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