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1st International Ecoperformance Festival

March 16 to 19, 2021


Films, synopsis and technical file:

A Mulher Besouro

(The Beetle Woman)

2020 I 9 min 26 sec

 Clarice Gonçalves (Brazil)

Parental rating: 18

Synopsis: An artist mother sniffs through the cracks of urban gloom, moments of being in her body invisible and pulsating. Embellished with notes and reflections by the artist regarding motherhood in our society, Clarice dances the invisibility and obscurantism to which bodies that carry wombs continue to be pushed silently and massively, claiming for themselves the right to be a human animal, at least when nobody is looking.

Location: Taguatinga, Federal District, Brazil.

Concept, text, performance, camera, sound, edition and subtitles: Clarice Gonçalves

Działoszyce: Body, Song, Border

2021 I 17 min 38 sec

N. Eda Erçin, Agnieszka Mendel, Ben Spatz

(Turkey, Poland, UK, USA)

Synopsis: Działoszyce: Body, Song, Border is a site-specific ecoperformance co-performed in rural Poland by three intercultural practitioners and an abandoned synagogue with its living and dead inhabitants (pigeons, animal remains and waste, crumbling bricks, rocks, and trash). The video reveals a laboratory session of "The Judaica Project: An Embodied Laboratory of Songwork."

Location: Działoszyce, Poland.

Performers and videographers: N. Eda Erçin, Agnieszka Mendel, Ben Spatz

Video montage: N. Eda Erçin   


2021 I 11 min1 sec

Alexandre Silva Nunes (Brazil)

Synopsis: According to ancient Western mythology, Pan can be considered the great personification of “the wild nature. When this nature is domesticated by human intervention emerges the well-known exclamation saying that the great god Pan is dead. Eco, a nymph of mountains and forests, gives shape to the notion of the reflection of the soul. It is in the wild forests that both Pan and Eco carry out their deepest epiphanies, resounding the experience of panic. As a play between body, image and sounds, EcoPanFormance assembles performances around the myth of Pan and Eco.

Location: Goiás, Brazil.

Concept and Production: Laborsatori Teatro, Alexandre Nunes

Performance and Camera: Andreane Lima, Luciano Luc, Pedro Paulo Galdino, Renata Torres, Taiom Tawera

Coaching and Edition: Alexandre Nunes

Text: Hymn to Pan by Homer

Translation to Portuguese: Wilson A. Ribeiro Jr.

Translation to English: Hugh Ge. Evelyn-White

Voiceover: Taiom Tawera

Sound Track: Laborsatori Teatro e Youtube Studio (Melancholia - Godmode)

Support: PPG Artes da Cena - EMAC/UFG.

Enclosure of Land and Soul 

2020 I 5 min 43 sec

Elisabeth Einsiedler (Germany)

Synopsis: I am living in an area where large arable fields with endless straight lines leave no space for natural shapes. Eye and soul become impoverished. But there are tiny places where nature is still free, not enclosed, There, eyes and soul can start to breathe. My weeping violin is my companion on the way to these small oases.

Location: Landscape near Dachau, Bavaria, Germany.

Performer, music, violin and edition: Cutting: Elisabeth Einsiedler

Camera and bass: Andreas Reuchlein



2021 I 7 min 45 sec

Rodrigo Reis, Mathias Reis


Synopsis: "Goela starts from a compositional thought, where the score ‘Eat the world and be satisfied with the living; life is ephemeral and passes in an instant ’, it is arranged in 4 dynamic glossomotivs: the hissing of the snake in the friction of the tongue, palate and glottis and the vocal exploration of the Gege cosmology on Oxumaré and the Greek cosmology on Ouroboros. The video-ecoperformance Goela witnesses the bewilderment of a snake when peering at the fall and shredding of a centenary tree around a mythical waterfall, a rainbow in the realm of clear waters, a giant throat."


Location: Kingdom of Águas Claras do Sítio do Pica-Pau Amarelo, Monteiro Lobato, SP.

Script and performance: Rodrigo Reis

Direction and cinematography: Mathias Reis / Simbiose Produções

Instigator: Maura Baiocchi

Direct sound, glossolalia: Rodrigo Reis

Track: ECO - Concert for ensemble, tree branch, voice and peepers. Composition and arrangement: Rodrigo Reis

Conductor: Lucas Albuquerque

Recording: Marcos Lamego and César Anitablian

Mastering: John Armless Project Studio

Editing: Mathias Reis

Post supervision: Paola Liberato Demanboro

Mother Earth Perdona 

2021 I 4 min 6 sec

Valeria DeCastro (Brazil, USA)

Synopsis: "This work is a reverence for Mother Earth. It uses the universal language of art to remind each of us that respect for our planet and gratitude for the gifts she provides for us should be at the forefront of our minds and hearts on a daily basis. With this work, I hope to inspire passion and compassion for the Earth and all the life that inhabits our planet, and to invite people to take responsibility for the thriving of Mother Earth."

Location: Bloomington IN. US. 

Performance, direction, videography, and editing: Valeria DeCastro


Music: MADRE TIERRA (Español & Tzutujil), Ze Culé "Br" (Producción, Percusiones), Meli Barquero "CR" (Mezclas Electrónicas, Video), Jaguar Producciones, SPLL Atitlan, Guatemala 2010

Oat Flakes

2021 I 5 min 59 sec

Lisa Lotte Giebel (Germany)

Synopsis: "In this work in progress, I wish to create a collage of humor and absurdity combined with everyday life. The desire to dance during the lockdown, led to the idea of choosing sheep as dance partners and to see if interactive methods used in dance classes can be applied to non-human beings. For me, everything in nature is body, with different skins, shapes, textures and colors that repeat, reflect and complement each other. By researching these repetitions and rhythms, I want to develop a mosaic of images."


Locations: Farm in the center of Germany `Inselhof` and North Karelia in Finland.

Concept and Performance: Lisa Lotte Giebel

Sound Design: Niilo Kangas        

Relación IX: Elementales

(Relation IX: Elementaries)

2018 I 3 min 39 sec

Efimerodramas (Argentina)

Synopsis: Relación IX: Elementales is a video performance, a recording of actions carried out by Efimerodramas in the 2018 residence of the group in Villa Los Aromos, Córdoba, Argentina. For the first time, the group took the inquiry about Repetitive Minimalist Systems to natural space, in an experience that would be fundamental for subsequent creative research drifts.

Performers: Indira Montoya, Rodolfo Ossés

Camera: Luciana Sastre.

Production: Soledad Sánchez Goldar, Sebastián Huber.

Editing: Indira Montoya.



2019/20  3 min 3 sec

Marina Sarmiento (Argentina)

Synopsis: Based on questions concerning territory and body, Tríada is a video performance about the encounter between the unknown, the traditional and the technological. It is performed in different landscapes in order to give rise to the tension between the natural telluric and the urban machinery and proposes a contaminating, hybrid and universal movement. At the intersection of dance, performance and video, it presents the extremes of the permanence in time-space and the decentralization of the view, the study and the creation of physical, contemplative and affective materials.

Location: Los Terrones, Salinas Grandes, Camino del Cuadrado y Cabana (Córdoba, Argentina).

Idea, coreographic and artistic direction: Marina Sarmiento

Interpreters-creators: Marina Sarmiento, Rodolfo Ossés, Florencia Stalldecker

Costume design: Carolina Figueroa, Billy Petrone

Video direction, photography, setup: Raúl Coronel

Music: César Alarcón

Assistant: María Nahal

Still photo: María Nahal, Billy Petrone, Andres Tesouro

Executive production: Florencia Stalldecker

Terra Céu

(Earth Heaven)

2020  8 min 39 sec

Florido, André Papi


Synopsis: The body is concrete fluid land, flowing in full transit to more and many possible worlds. Even if each one is inhabiting the city or being inhabited by it. We are still earth. We still see heaven. The sky is a non-binary entity, polluted by drones polluting the food that is the earth body: it burns - dawns between winds.

Location: São Paulo.

Performance and video art: Florido

Sound design: André Papi

Edition: Júlia Peres

When Whales Wash Ashore

2020 I 4 min 59 sec

Ella Tetrault (Canada)

Synopsis: When Whales Wash Ashore is a work in progress that focuses on the plight of the North-Atlantic Right Whale.The right whale is an endangered species, with only four hundred and eleven left, and a grim estimate of extinction in twenty years. The piece focuses on how a meditation on the right whale might prompt a rethinking of our relationship to the Ocean and calls attention to the urgency of the plight of the right whale from entanglement, blunt force trauma and over fishing.


Location: Toronto, Ontario.

Yurusanai - Enquanto isso em Alcântara

(Yurusanai - Meanwhile in Alcântara)

2020 I 2 min 10 sec

Elise Hirako (Brazil)

Synopsis: Yurusanai (i.e.: 'I can not forgive') is a performance permeated by the political and social calamities in the territory of Alcântara and the Quilombo of Mamauna in Maranhão. It is the artistic outcome of the participation in the Festival Sacola Cena Ambiental, by Coletivo Teatro da Sacola, under guidance from Soraia Maria Silva.

Location: Alcântara - Mamuna Ma / Quilombo.

Performer, editing and sound design: Elise Hirako

Camera: Tacito Silva

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