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1st International Ecoperformance Festival

March 16 to 19, 2021


Films, synopsis and technical file:



2020 I 10 min10 sec

Inés Terra (Argentina, Brazil)

Synopsis: I'm a hole. Aluminum controls me. The danger of aluminum constitutes me. To get dressed, I touch the aluminum. I'm an aluminum discontinuity. Aluminum was specially created for the Frestas Telúricas virtual festival (August 2020), organized by sound artists from different places in Brazil and was also part of the Brazilian sound art show at the Dystopie Festival (2020, Berlin).

Location: Apartment in São Paulo.

Concept, performance, edition: Inés Terra

Antes que los Pájaros

(Before the Birds)

2019 I 6 min 37 sec

Mercedes Chanquía-Aguirre e Leandro Navall

(France, Argentina)

Synopsis: Pollution is not only outside. Antes que los pájaros is a cry that comes from the soul, a poetic alert that seeks to awaken consciousnesses. To defend nature means also to defend our freedom, our deep nature. Before the Birds is for us, and humbly, our consecration to life. Through this work we question our responsibility, our relation with power. And we ask ourselves ... Where do our steps take us?

Idea: Mercedes Chanquía-Aguirre.

Cocreation: Mercedes Chanquía-Aguirre, Leandro Navall

Performers : Mercedes Chanquía-Aguirre, Freila Ramos, Alexander Vivas-Misel

Coproduction: Mercedes Chanquía-Aguirre, l’Ass. Massiva Cortisone, Leandro Navall Films and the Acido Clorhídrico group

Aonde habitamos? 

(Where do we live?) 

2011 I 12 min18 sec

Lara Dau Vieira (Brazil)

Synopsis: The video-dance Aonde habitamos?  questions the possibility of survival on a planet exhausted by Man. It explores the body’s connection with the mangrove, a natural environment it cannot  dominate. The video shows two bodies immersed in a habit of liquid density habitat and exploring sensory and poetic states that vibrate beyond death and life. We can hear the heartbeat of the bodies and their lack of breath. In this habitat the bodies float and peel off between being human, animal and ancestral memories.

Location: Mangroves of Jabaquara, Parati- RJ, Brazil and soundscape captured in Istanbul, Turkey.

Concept and direction: Lara Dau Vieira

Performers: Lara Dau Vieira e Ricardo Fornara

Soundscape: Michael Saup

Camera: Daniel Seda

Edition: Edson Audi

Lara Dau Vieira - YouTube


2020 I 2 min 20 sec

Plastic Art Collective (Romania)

Synopsis: Asphyxia is a video-eco-performance born from the attempt to experience the inner, hidden world of plastics through the body and the senses. An attempt that challenges us to breathe at the same pace with a slowly suffocating planet. Through this corporeal-visual experiment, we draw attention upon the effects of plastic waste and irresponsible consumerism, on humans and nature. An urban corner turns into a confessional space. We look for shapes generated by the chameleonic plastic and we try to breathe with it, through it. How does plastic breathe?

Location: Bucharest, Romania

Video Art: Alexandru Claudiu Maxim

Concept: Alina Tofan, Georgiana Vlahbei

Performer and voiceover: Alina Tofan

Sound design: Teodor Radulescu


2020 I 12 min14 sec

Marcela Cavallini & Coletivo Marcas D´Agua 


Synopsis: Faced with challenging planetary times, seven women attempt to cross the walls of the house’s  microcosm. Their minimal gestures engage sensitively with the world, beyond the human enclosure. In-between heterogeneous encounters, the timing of flows, diversions and infiltrations reveals a certain ecology of the place. In this liquid journey, the house unfolds a bit of non-human life still pulsating in communion with the bodies of this artist collective.

Location: Rio de Janeiro.

Director: Marcela Cavallini

Script: Coletivo Marcas D ́Agua (A Cecilia, Amanda Morais, Ara Nogueira, Clarice Rito, Dulce Lysyj, Edzita SigoViva, Marcela Cavallini)

Performance, camera and sound: Coletivo Marcas D'Agua

Edition: BaliRec Produções

Deus nos Acudi

(So Help Us God)

2020 I 26 min 44 sec

Pak Ndjamena (Mozambique)

Synopsis: Tradition, whether through orality, symbols, manuscripts, sacred objects and even body movements, evokes the ancestry of an entire society. In the contemporary world of the globalized individual, this marks a difference. In moments when everything seems dark and when we do not see with our eyes, we touch life as if in a deep dream of anguish and pain. But when we wake up, we find ourselves in chaos and we are just a body in the world, carrying the entire ancestral experience, even if unconsciously.

Location: Marracuene District, Maputo Province, Mozambique

Producer: Bernardo Guiamba

Realization, texts and performance: Pak Ndjamena

Cinematography: Bhaka Yafole

Sound track: Yuru Yuyungai, Pak Ndjamena

Script: Bkaka Yafole, Pak Ndjamena

Photography: Mariano Lopes Silva

Graphic Design: Mélio Tinga

Edition: Yafole Studio

Executive Production: Conta Comigo

Production coordinator: Lisandro Jordão

Location: Bongani Adventures

Fund-raising: Estúdio Alabastro

Dialogus inter Feminas et Natura 

2020 I 8 min 02 sec

Sabina Andrea Allen (Greece, USA)

Synopsis: An eco-feminist piece about two women who begin forming a dialogue with mother nature so as to find their inner strength and femininity. Mimicking several of her different qualities and elements they come closer to reaching womanhood.


Location: Sounion, Greece.

Director, script, producer: Sabina Andrea Allen

Performers, choreography, costumes: Sabina Andrea Allen, Eryfili Drakopoulou

Director of Photography and editing: Alexandros Kantoros

Lighting and Assistant photographer: George Vlahonikolos

Words, Assistant Director, Assistant Dramaturgy: Natasha Petropoulou

Original Music: Dimitris Yagulis

Sound Mix, Mastering: Chris Atzin, Andreas Levisianos,

Voices: Christine Karafyllidi, Evi Boutouli

Subtitling: Chryse Allen

Lighting, Assistant pre-production: Aliki Ntounia

Post-production: Mania Valsamaki"             

être chat

(being cat)

2014 19 min 26 sec

Sebastian Wiedemann, Juliette Yu-Ming, Gyohei Zaitsu

(Colombia, Singapur, Brazil, Japan)

Synopsis: Sometimes, what is in me, is not me. What is it? Becoming, beings-in-flux, inviting the image to dance somewhere between Butoh and the world.

Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Director: Sebastian Wiedemann      

Co-director: Juliette Yu-Ming

Performer: Gyohei Zaitsu

Exercises in Conscious Listening, Forest 

2018 I 4 min 48 sec

Monika Tobel (Hungary, UK)

Synopsis: "The video is the recording of my first attempt to converse, connect, interlace with the multispecies surroundings; an attempt to find ways towards non-linguistic exchanges by using simple wearable devices. Emphasising the non-visual to awaken, in the human world, the less prominent senses, and in Donna Haraway’s words begin to see with “fingery eyes”. The sound was made using and manipulating multiple field-recordings in order to express the acoustic, tactile and gustatory senses and chemical exchanges experienced during the event."

Location: Queens Forest, London, UK.



2019  22 min 05 sec

Grupo Totem (Brazil)

Synopsis: The videoperformance GeoPoesis is a sensory expedition through the nature of the Pankararu, Kapinawá and Xukuru lands. Transiting between the body traversed by the landscape and the intervention of the body in it, the immensity of the lands expands the expressions of the body, seeking a symbiosis with the environment. The land, home to the enchanted of these indigenous peoples of Pernambuco, is here performed, sublimated, through the connection of the performers with the sacred territories.


Locations: Pankararu indigenous territory, municipality of Tacaratu, Pernambuco, Brazil; Xukuru do Ororubá indigenous territory, Municipality of Pesqueira, Pernambuco, Brazil; Kapinawá indigenous territory, municipality of Buíque, Pernambuco, Brazil.

Direction: Fred Nascimento and Zé Diniz

Performers: Gabi Cabral, Inaê Veríssimo, Juliana Nardin, Lau Veríssimo and Taína Veríssimo

Research: Fred Nascimento, Inaê Veríssimo, Juliana Nardin, Lau Veríssimo and Taína Veríssimo

Production: Taína Veríssimo

Photography: Zé Diniz and Alexandre Salomão

Screenplay, editing and color grading: Zé Diniz

Sound editing and mixing: Alexandre Salomão

Production: El Maria

Art direction: Lau Veríssimo

Costume Designer: Lau Veríssimo

Costume design and make-up: Gabi Cabral, Inaê Veríssimo, Juliana Nardin, Lau Veríssimo and Taína Veríssimo

Local production: Bia Pankararu, Guila Araújo, Diego Renan, Beatriz Kapinawá, Anicelia Kapinawá and Mocinha Kapinawá Soundtrack: Cauê Nascimento (guitar), Fred Nascimento (percussion), Alexandre Salomão (derbak and didgeridoo) and Zé Diniz (didgeridoo)

Recording and mixing: Malunguimstudio Audiorecords

Sound technician: Mário Sérgio

Mixing and mastering: Pierre Leite

Still photography: Fernando Figueirôa

Graphic design: Iara Sales

Press: Beth Oliveira


2020 I 5 min 30 sec

Hilary Wear (Canada)

Synopsis: "I only fully trust natural law and this piece allowed me to write a human-ish creature into a useful role. The viewer is able to imagine their relations with elder brothers and sisters: trees, who are being killed. The story gives us all a raging granny to take care of the business of business as usual and grows out of an extended grieving for Mother(s). Within my oft-bittering battling around protecting ecosystems, it gave me a way to balance anger with action. Clown logic allows a simple solution to be found. May it be so for you-s also, in your universal work."


Location: Villiers Ontario Canada. 

Script and performance: Hilary Wear     

Camera and edition: Laurel Paluck

Grande Perche


2020 8 min 41 sec

Clyde Lepage (Belgium)

Synopsis: "In early September 2014, five people buried themselves shoulder-deep in an access road to the ZAD (Zone to Defend) to prevent the passage of deforestation machines. Standing demonstrators surrounded and protected them. The technique worked: until 4:00 pm, the felling of the trees could not begin. Then, the policemen evacuated the journalists and charged. They first gassed the people buried, then trampled on them and forced them out of the ground. The machines went through the path and joined the forest. In mid-October 2020, I returned to the area and buried myself in the ground.“


Location: Forêt de Sivens, Barat, Tarn, France.         

Concept, performance, editing: Clyde Lepage        

Camera: Yeuze

Assistant: Clara Hautefeuille



2020 I 15 min 47 sec

Coletivo MÓ (Brazil)

Synopsis: In April 2020, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the members of Coletivo MÓ, each in a state of isolation, created 7 visual poems in connection with their respective spaces. Inspired by the Japanese haiku, the performers searched for the synthesis and precision of these poems by evoking images of the natural world through their bodily actions. Thus HAIKORPOS (blending the words Haiku and Corpus) emerged: A lonely giant appears on Earth and finds a great book. While opening it, other isolated beings appear in their different daily lives.

Locations: Barão Geraldo - SP, Ribeirão Preto - SP, Juquitiba - SP, Florianópolis -SC, São Paulo Capital/Zona Sul -SP, Brazil

Creation and performance: Ademir Apparício Junior, Carolina Moreira, Gracyela Gitirana, Mariana Gabriel, Mariana Rotili, Naomi Silman, Renata Carlomagno

Artistic coordinator and director: Naomi Silman (LUME Teatro)

Sound edition: Mariana Rotili, Renata Carlomagno

Incendio en Falda del Carmen 

(Fire in Falda del Carmen)

2021 I 15 min 32 sec

Candelaria Silvestro, Wolfgang Pannek

(Argentina, Germany, Brazil)

Synopsis: Incendio en Falda del Carmen approaches the problem of wildfires in the province of Córdoba, Argentina. The painter and performer Candelaria Silvestro resides in the town of Falda del Carmen, besieged by fire on several occasions. This film is her artistic record and reflection of the fire and the relationship of man and nature.

Location: Falda del Carmen, Cordoba, Argentina.  

A film by Candelaria Silvestro and Wolfgang Pannek

Live painting, performance, text and voice-over:

Candelaria Silvestro

Camera: Victoria Fraticelli

Chant: Lucia Fraticelli,

Edition and sound design: Wolfgang Pannek.

Production: Transcultura 


2020 I 6 min 39 sec

JulianneK. & Romanowitch


Synopsis: Nobody knows what pE.HSen is. Maybe a travel. A wandering.Inside the layers. Exploring the depths, erasing/acknowledging borders between parts of us and the physical and contextual surroundings, that stands also and as parts of us. Bringing to night the coexistence between what it ""is"" and all the other realities that coexists in the potential of what it ""could be"".


Location: Liège, Belgium.

Concept and Performance: Julianne Kasabalis

Image, video,editing and sound design: Romain Troupin

Sand and Stones

2020 I 5 min 29 sec

Renée Koldewijn, Bushra Arbawi

(Netherlands, Morroco)

Synopsis: The rake scrapes over the sand in a repetitive movement. A regular pattern occurs, it makes things visible that were not seen in the first instance. Two women explore the concept of the Japanese ‘Zen garden’ as a bridge to a new reality. A reality bringing them in contact with the sand, the seaweed, the sea and themselves. Zen gardens are places to meditate in motion. Several large stones in a garden of gravel are like islands, the water flows around. The dance of Sand and Stones follows no plan or narrative. The women let be what is. From there, things seem to emerge.

Location: North coast of the Netherlands

Performance: Bushra Arbawi, Renée Koldewijn

Camera: Luuk Holiday
Filmproduction: Renée Koldewijn

Sector - Environmental Protest Butoh Dance Immersive Video

2019 I 15 min 41 sec

Wojciech Olchowski, Wojtek Matejko


Synopsis: Sector is an artistic impression of the controversial man made transformation of a landscape and biotope expressed by butoh dance, immersive 360 ​​degrees video with suggestive sound design and original music. Shooting took place in September 2019, in the nature reserve forest at the narrowest section of Vistula Spit, a Baltic Sea costal barrier. In February 2019, within a few days,  the area was stripped of 10 thousand trees in order to construct a shipping canal which, according to most specialists, will not have any significant utility.  

Idea and Performance: Wojtek Matejko.

Production and Realisation: Wojciech Olchowski

Music: Rafał Iwański,

Jewellery: Radek Anais Larø,

Voice: Krzysztof Petkowicz

Silêncio e Som

(Silence and Sound)

2018 16 min

Eva Maria Santoro, Mateus Almeida, Renata Franco


Synopsis: Silence and Sound is an immersion in the most intimate landscapes of the Cerrado. The brightness and sound of the cerrado biome evoke sensations impelling  to compose visual poetry. The relationship develops from sensitive listening, a search for the movement's authenticity, manifesting itself in dualities: light and shadow, absence and presence, day and night. dry and wet, female and male, expansion and contraction. The perception of impermanence and indissolubility in the relationship of the human being integrated with the environment in a state of presence.


Location: Chapada dos Veadeiros - Alto Paraíso de Goiás.

Script and artistic coordination: Eva Maria Maria

Editing and sound: Renata Franco

Photography and color: Mateus Almeida

Dance midwife and invited artist: Pilar Echavarria


Resident artists: Ainara López, Andrea Barbour, Carolina da Costa Saraiva, Cláudio Miranda Júnior, Dayane Jennings, Eva Maria Foloni Santoro, Fernanda Pessoa, Francesco Passalacqua, Guilherme Maciel Aguiar, Isa Barreto Dória Figueiredo, Jonatas Roberto Duarte de Campos, João Ferreira de Lima Neto, Junior Leite (Dhyan Gandha), Larissa Araújo, Leandro Junqueira, Letícia Medeiros Estevam, Makeda Dyese, Marcos Giacomelli Soares, Maria Helena Francisco Gomes dos Anjos, Maria Mendes, Mateus Almeida da Silva, Meujael Gonzaga da Cunha, Michelle Queiroz, Paulo Mateus Vasconcelos Vianna, Pilar Echavarria, Renata Franco, Severino Lucena, Sujata Yoko, Taize Inácia dos Santos, Vibeke Pipaluk Hansen, Victor Biasolo Rissatto, Warla Giany de Paiva, William Fossati Rodriguez


Still photography: Mel Melissa Maurer

Final sound mix: Eduardo Veiga (Goiaba)

Drone: Natália Vitral

Music: Collective creations RESSONÂNCIAS DA DANÇA - artist residency, Danilo Hare Bird, Renata Franco, Porangui Love


2020 I 2 min 30 sec

Vadim Stein, Tasha Koleso


Synopsis: The shadow dissolves the skin. The light reveals the huge landscape, and there are no boundaries between. Big in small.

Locations: Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Crimea, Russia.

Dance improvisation: Tasha Koleso (Natalia Kolesnichenko)

Videographer: Vadim Stein



2016 I 11 min 19 sec

Junior Romanini (Brazil)

Synopsis: Performed in the last vestiges of the Atlantic Forest in the interior of Paraná, the action of Trans-plant is an interference in the landscape. The performer begins to transplant a species displaced from its natural habitat to the interior of the forest, in a symbolic attempt to (re)oxygenate it. His trunk and the intensification of his breathing serve as a vehicle of transport for this territorial change. In a region dominated by agribusiness, how would it be to repair the breath of these silent beings?

Location: Rolândia, PR, Brazil.

Concept, performance and edition: Junior Romanini

Camera: Fábio Amorim


2020 19 min 51 sec

Julie Dind & Rolf Gerstlauer

(France, Switzerland)

Synopsis: WEIRD DRAWN AT LAND is the story of how the present deals with the past and worries about the future. Julie Dind is NN; Nomen Nescio, No Name …or just Not Neurotypical. NN has always been WEIRD. Known as Urðr, wyrd or weird, she’s the past. With her are her sisters Verðandi and Skuld; the present and that which yet has to become. The three Norns are in Norse Mythology the fate makers that sway humans’ destiny. How the present reads the past influences the future. WEIRD DRAWN AT LAND is a work in progress filmed on the Lista Peninsula in Southern Norway.       

© 2020 Julie Dind & Rolf Gerstlauer; artist couple formed in 2012

Butoh and dance brut performer, multimedia artist: Julie Valentine Dind (aka NN / Weird)

Shiro-nuri, land art, sculptures, videography: Rolf Gerstlauer

Additional cast at the feast: Martin Eidskrem, Britt Mari Langerud, Detlef Graf Pedersen, Anders Eik Pilskog, Jan Gunnar Skjeldsøy and Rune Stordal

Additional cast at the burial:   Anders Eik Pilskog and Jan Gunnar Skjeldsøy

Additional footage for the opening scene: Siri Beate Burned Roots, Geir Svaba: Lindberg

Migrating Geese: Wælgaard Birkeland


2020 12 min 22 sec

Kristina Watt Villegas (Canada)

Synopsis: In WHILE WE WAIT, 10 youth share their unrest about living in a world-that-feels-on-pause with a global health crisis while there's still an ongoing climate crisis. Why did it take the devastating loss of HUMAN life to impel action & global collaboration, when for years there has been an ongoing loss of ALL life--environmental, as well as humans? As we are now driven to re-configure our use of space for survival, what are we learning about the unfair sharing of space with others and with the planet?

Location: Ottawa, Canada and virtually.  

Written & Created by Kristina Watt, in collaboration with 12 youth

Production Assistant and Video Creation: Thalia Paterson

Video Script & Direction: Kristina Watt

Performers (ages 12 - 17): Anna Carsley-Jones, Sebastien Cimpaye, Sophie Dean, Natasha Knight, Quinn Lesaux, Jaya Matiation, Olivia Smith, Ethan Whidden, Kaatje Yates, Paige (Jax) Young

Music: Savva Boguslavskiy

With ensemble members: Ines Fenton, Sofia Henson Preibisch

100 Watt Productions in partnership with Ottawa Children's Theatre (Amanda Lewis, Artistic Director)

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